The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (region-B 2Blu-ray set)

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One day the necrophiliac tendencies of Dr Hichcock (Robert FlemyngThe Quiller Memorandum) go too far and his wife dies from an overdose. Bereft, the doctor leaves his house but returns years later with a new wife, Cynthia (Barbara SteeleBlack Sunday). The house they return to is eerie and Cynthia hears strange things, meanwhile, she doesn’t realise Dr Hichcock intends to use her body to re-animate his dead wife's corpse. Released at the height of the Italian horror boom that was produced in the wake of the influence of Hammer’s era-defining horror productions, director Riccardo Freda (The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire) and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi (The Whip and the Body) create a dark and wicked gothic horror that brings in sly allusions to the work of Alfred Hitchcock while the period detail of Victorian London provides a lush backdrop. 

This special double Blu-ray edition contains two versions of the film, the original Italian release version and the USA domestic recut version. This Blu-ray presentation also comes with loads of special features.