Phase IV (4K UHD + region-A 2 Blu-ray)

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Following a mysterious eclipse-like solar event, scientists begin to notice strange and unexplainable behavioral changes in ants. While initially written off as an unconcerning anomaly, it soon becomes apparent that the creatures have developed advanced intelligence along with the ability to work collectively. Scientists Ernest Hubbs and James Lesko have been transferred to a futuristic lab in a remote part of the Arizona desert in which to study these phenomena. However, when the ants begin to attack and kill both wildlife and humans, Hubbs and Lesko realize that the entire human race might now be at a deadly evolutionary disadvantage to the tiny insects…

The sole feature film directed by acclaimed graphic artist Saul Bass, PHASE IV is a landmark of 1970s science fiction as it blends arresting visuals, photographed by Dick Bush (Sorcerer) along with nature photographer Ken Middleham, with a tense and harrowing animal attack narrative. Starring Nigel Davenport (Chariots of Fire), Michael Murphy (Nashville), and Lynne Frederick (Schizo) and featuring a mesmerizing musical score by electronic music pioneer Brian Gascoigne, Vinegar Syndrome presents PHASE IV on 4K UHD, newly restored from its 35mm original camera negative and at last containing its legendary and never-before-on-video Preview Version, featuring exclusive, extended, and alternate sequences which have remained unseen since 1974!