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Nosferatu in Venice (region-free blu-ray)

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What was intended to be an unofficial sequel to Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU instead became one of the most notoriously fascinating productions in EuroCult history: Klaus Kinski - ''now fully in the grip of the 'bats**t crazy' phase of his career'' (Rock! Shock! Pop!) - gives his penultimate performance as the legendary vampire resurrected in modern-day Venice with an insatiable hunger for warm blood and rough sex. Donald Pleasence and Academy Award® winner Christopher Plummer co-star in this sumptuously insane shocker that features music by Oscar® winner Vangelis (CHARIOTS OF FIRE), employed five different directors - including Mario Caiano (NIGHTMARE CASTLE), Luigi Cozzi (PAGANINI HORROR), writer/producer Augusto Caminito and reportedly Kinski himself - and still delivers ''one eye-popping scene after another'' (Cinema Retro), now scanned in 2k from the original negative.