Library Music Vol.1 (13CD box set)

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* Edition of 500 copies. Wooden box set, numbered. From the original master tapes. Includes a booklet. * Piero Umiliani is unquestionably one of the most consistent figures in terms of soundtrack music and library music worldwide. This precious 13CD Box is dedicated to the period of greatest maturity and artistic freedom which coincides with the creation of his personal studio: the Sound Work Shop.

Of the 13 albums included, spanning a period from 1971 to 1983, 9 had never been reissued digitally; the transfer took place from the original tapes provided by the heirs who continue to take care of everything concerning the artist's life with the utmost attention.  With the most bizarre pseudonyms we listen to the Maestro confront himself with the most disparate genres: percussive and electronic experiments to drive sampling lovers crazy (CD1); the rock-prog-psych of The Braen's Machine, a group formed with Alessandro Alessandroni (CD2/3); the delicate melodies, lounge; groovy exotic (CD4/7/11/12), modern classical music (CD5); experimental dramatic tensions with synth, bass and primitive percussion on a string orchestra carpet (CD6); disco-funk-jazz (CD8); sound exploration in psychic disorders dictated by the human condition (CD9); pure Italian jazz (CD10); experimental ambient with synths (13). The luxurious wooden box includes a sequentially numbered booklet up to 500. The paper CD covers are reproductions of the original LP releases.