Girl with Green Eyes (region-B Blu-ray)

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In Dublin, two shop assistants share a room. One, Kate (Rita Tushingham), is a quiet, rather naïve young woman, while the other, Baba (Lynn Redgrave), is vivacious and ebullient with an eye for the boys. But when the two befriend a quiet, middle-aged writer (Peter Finch, Network, he makes a beeline for the shy, and lonely Kate. A bittersweet story of an extraordinary romance.

Beautifully scripted by Edna O'Brien from her own best-selling novel, and brilliantly directed by regular Woodfall collaborator Desmond Davies. This film went on to win a Golden Globe whilst both Tushingham, and Redgrave (for only her second credited performance) were nominated for BAFTAs. This BFI special Blu-ray edition also comes with bonus features.