Film Noir Classic Collection Vol.5 (region-1 DVD set)

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Out of the vaults and into the light: a fascinating 4-disc set showcasing 8 genre gems rich with the intensity and diversity of noir! Disc 1 wreaks revenge, with Dick Powell on the hunt in Cornered and Steve Brodie on the lam in Desperate. Caught-in-the-act immediacy highlights Disc 2’s corruption exposé The Phenix City Story and the hostage drama Dial 1119. Disc 3 turns procedural, with noir ace Charles McGraw bulldogging the perps of an Armored Car Robbery, then turns to social-conscience filmmaking with Crime in the Streets (John Cassavetes and Sal Mineo star). An un-fatale femme is rare but invaluable in noir when strong dames help their men out of jams, as do Disc 4’s Susan Hayward in Deadline at Dawn and Virginia Mayo in Backfire. Step into the shadows and suspense.